Corporate and Business Car Service

As a business, portraying a professional outlook to your client is a must. When you, your employees, or an important client need to be transported somewhere, believe it or not, how you get there does matter. When you choose a private car service, the goal is to get you to your destination on time, safely, and as comfortable as possible. You want your client to arrive calm, relaxed, and ready to do business.

Types of Business Travel

Chauffeured Services

Ogun Limo makes reserving a chauffeured car easy and hassle-free for your company. Our fleet selection includes chauffeured cars like the Luxury Sedan (e.i. Mercedes Benz S-Class) or a classic black-car (e.i. Lincoln Towncar). These vehicles are not only luxurious in its class of vehicles, but are also highly impressive and appealing to any CEO, corporate executive, and prospective business partners.


Roadshows are also referred to as, “Financial Roadshows” – which is a specialized type of executive travel that requires meticulous planning on the part of the business arrangers and limousine or transportation company. Ogun Limo offers everything your company needs to execute a successful travel itinerary across cities, states, and even around the world. Our live 24-hour Road Show support desk is ready to assist your during every step of your travel plan – even if there are last-minute changes and modifications made to the original itinerary. The idea is to achieve a seamless integration of all your travel stops and destinations – whether it be from Downtown LA to LAX, and LAX to JFK, and JFK airport to your hotel and to Wall Street – you’re in good hands with a professional and experienced company whose customers ‘ satisfaction are always #1 priorities.

Before your road show, you will receive confirmation of your travel plans via fax or email. You will be confirmed of the Road Show itinerary, your dedicated chauffeur’s name, and cell phone number. Customized billing is available for your accounting convenience.

Meetings & Events

Ogun Limo can help your business coordinate group travels for meeting and events. Do you have an upcoming tradeshow or convention coming up? Ogun Limo provides a variety of vehicles that can be scheduled to pick-up your team from the place of business or hotel, and transport everyone to the convention hall or hotel meeting room.

Ogun Limo also works closely with major 5-star hotel, spa, and resort groups to plan optimal transportation solutions for their elite guests. Contact Ogun Limo for more information, or call for live assistance at: 1.877.416.9696

Here are some helpful online resources for finding hotels with meeting facilities in Los Angeles and Irvine areas.



Sometimes getting across town can be challenging due to traffic, weather, and even parking. Ogun Limo has services for every situation where you need fast, reliable, and professional private car services. For business people, this means having the convenience to step out of your office, and into a chauffeured car and simply arriving at your destination, on time.

Point-to-Point Towncar services is especially popular for LAX Aiport Transfers. This is when business travelers need specific rides directly to and from the Airport, Seaport, Hotel, Restaurant, or any other point of transfer.

Get more information about Airport Transfers and Airport Drop-Off and Pick-Up services from Ogun Limo.

Point-to-Point travel may also include several stops. Imaging having to go from the airport, to the hotel, and then Downtown for a meeting appointment with a client. Now image accomplishing all of business goals with the help of a professional driver.

To check rates from different points to a destination, then use the Ogun Limo Online Rate Look-Up or call for 24-hour live support.

Corporate Jet

Private aviation passenger transportation services are available from Ogun Limo. Our drivers are trained to work within the regulatory guidelines of Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) and always abide privacy and safety standards for optimal passenger protection and discretion.

Find airports or Fixed Based Operators in Los Angeles, commonly known asFBO, that specialize and are responsible for aircraft services (i.e. Corporate Jet Airport, Private Aviation Airport).

Get more information about Private Aviation Passenger Transportation Services from Ogun Limo.

Benefits of a Private Towncar

Safety and privacy: : Private car companies are known to have well-trained drivers who put their passengers’ safety first. Also, you don’t have to share the car with strangers (as is the case with many taxis) as the private car is for your personal use only.

Customized travel rates: Depending on your business’ travel needs, Ogun Limo can arrange a customized travel itineray that makes sense for frequently used transportation routes and scheduled executive pick-up and drop-off services.

Comfort and luxury: Nothing says, “Let’s do business,” better than a luxury sedan or classic black Towncar. Get your company’s first impression right by delivering your client an experienced and world-class chauffeur who will leave a lasting impression.

What you can expect with Ogun Limo:

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